Somerville Clothing is a team of fashion industry veterans who has collectively worked in the fashion industry all over the world 

from Los Angeles, to Central and South America, and to Asia for over 35 years. We have lived and breathed fashion almost all our lives and love it. We’ve worked in all areas in the industry, from children’s to men’s clothing, from knit tops to denim jeans, and from Walmart to Barney’s New York.



I’m sure you are thinking, what a dream job! It’s true, there are so many things we love about the fashion industry. We get to create beautiful clothes from concept to a feature in Vogue Magazine. There’s no greater thrill than to see what you created worn out in the wild. But as a veteran in the industry we have seen firsthand the social and environmental impact our industry has contributed. With decades of fast fashion as the norm, the fashion industry has only gotten worse.

We see so much waste. Many Designers buy fabric and trim and decide not to use it in their clothing line. Factories often over buy and have excess fabric from production which is thrown away.

Can you believe it? As a sewist I’m sure you can’t stand the thought!



Image: Centre for Sustainable Fashion

We decided to take a step back and made a commitment to work with companies that practice sustainability. Not companies that practice fast fashion.

We decide to rescue fabric, trims, and findings from local factories and designers in Los Angeles. Gorgeous materials that you will not find in at your local fabric store and make it available to you.

We believe, while practicing Slow Fashion, designing and sewing your own wardrobe you know exactly where your clothing is made, and you are helping the environment by using fabric and trims that may otherwise be thrown way. Sewist can make a huge impact on the world in sustainability and ethical practices one stitch at a time.