The Market Bag

We have a bad reputation in the fashion industry. When manufacturing we waste so much, the amount of fabric that goes into landfills is daunting. I'd love to personally save all the fabric waste, but that's not realistic 

About ten years ago, a friend gave me a market bag she had made herself. I loved using it, so when the holidays came along, I bought a lot from her so I could gift them. Flash forward to a few years ago when a law was passed making plastic bags illegal to use at grocery stores. You could buy heavy reusable plastic bags, but what is the point of that? They are still plastic!

My friend had moved away so I made a pattern for the bag. With the pattern I made dozens of them, it was quite fun. I stashed them in my car, ready for a trip to the grocery store, the farmer's market, or even to CVS. I even use them as over night bags.

With as little as one yard of fabric from your fabric stash you can do your part to save the planet with reusable market bags. Our market bag pattern is available in our shop in PDF and Printed Paper Pattern format.

For the new sewist, this is a great starter pattern to learn how to cut out fabric, follow sewing instructions, and feel the accomplishment of completing a project that you can use right away!

For sewing teachers, this is a great teaching pattern for your beginning level students to get comfortable with sewing straight seams on a sewing machine that is a little more challenging than a pillow. 

Watch the Market Bag Sew Along and see how easy it is to make your own reusable bags!


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