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We’re excited to release two new patterns the Poppy Big Top and the Landslide Drape Top

You’d be surprised to know that we are very unfashionable in the fashion industry. We are not models who walk the runway or on the pages of magazines, instead we are creatures of habit who dress in our favorite t-shirts and jeans to work.

A designer I worked for always wore a black button down shirt and black jeans. Yes, everyday! Even before he told me that when he did laundry, he washed a load of shirts and a load of jeans I knew he didn’t own just one shirt and jeans. 

“No guesswork in the morning. Done!” he said when he dressed in the morning. 

Call it his uniform. He was so creative, using all his brain power thinking about his designs, he didn’t want to spend any time deciding what to wear in the morning.

Have you ever had a top you couldn’t wait to wash and wear it again? My favorite top is the Poppy Big Top. I bought the inspiration top for the Poppy Big Top years ago. I loved it so much that I went back and bought 3 more. After wearing them so often, I finally decided I needed to copy the top to make my own pattern, I’ve since sewn it up in not only solids, but stripes and plan to sew it up in prints! The Poppy Top has all overlock seams and has an option neckband.

The Jersey - Striped Heather Grey, Yellow & Silver Metallic featured below is available in our store

The Landslide Drape Top is inspired by Stevie Nicks with that 70’s vibe and my daughter Megan's favorite. Its drapey and long enough that you can wear as dress if you want to show off your hot legs. It flows and drapes beautifully keeping you cool you’ll want to wear it all summer. The Landslide Top has all overlock seams and can be sewn with or without sleeves. 

Not a sewist? You can purchase a ready made Landslide Drape Top in many colors from Megan's store

Megan Somerville


The Charcoal stripe fabric featured below is available in our store

Joy Somerville

Both tops are beginner skill level and if you have never sewn knits before, you will be hooked. They are quick and easy and if you are a fast sewist you can make it tonight and wear it tomorrow. They will become your favorites too!


Here's a sew along video of the Poppy Big Top!


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