The Ajino Kimono

For my entire life, the number one guess I receive for where I'm from is Japan, which is ironic because since I was young, I've had a love for all things Japanese; the culture, food, and clothing.  I have never really been to Japan except when my family immigrated to the US in 1968. One of our layovers was in Japan, so technically I spent the night there. At that time, there were no direct flights to the US. It took three days travel to get here!

The Japanese association began when I was young. Have you ever heard of Ajinomoto? Maybe not, but you probably have heard of MSG. At every Asian table you will find a container of salt, pepper, and Ajinomoto. Ajinomoto is a Japanese product famous throughout Asia and definitely found in almost every Filipino home (not mine).


As a little girl, I'm told I looked liked the little girl from the Ajinomoto commercials. People would stop my mother as she went about her day and ask if I was the Ajinomoto girl. You can be the judge. LOL.


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With my sister Charis and me on the right


I've made many Kimono patterns, but this Kimono is sentimental. I was told I was nominated again for the outstanding faculty award this year where the winner is announced at our graduation ceremony at the Staples Center. So I wanted to make something special to wear in case I won... I did win, which was three in a row. I can't thank my wonderful and talented students enough!



It took me a long time to give the Kimono a name, but as usual it came to me when I wasn't thinking about patterns. I was having a conversation about MSG in food when it hit me! I remembered the Ajinomoto container -- Ajino Kimono!

The Ajino Kimono is one size fits all oversized drop shoulder sleeves wrap you can make with or without a belt, large pockets, and optional cuffs. This Kimono is tunic length and is great layered, dressed up and or down. I suggest an eye catching print when dressing up. For graduation I chose a stripe organza and decided not to add a belt or pockets because I didn't want to weigh the sheer fabric down.

I hope you download the free Ajino Kimono pattern and have fun sewing it.

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